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25+ years of Experience and Passion

Square1 World Wide Pvt. Ltd., originated back in 2005, is been catering a plethora of amenities for various industries such as interior designing and manufacturing, trading & exporting of home decorative such as Liscio bond for carpets and PVT flooring, Pergo wooden flooring, texture paints, wall covering, customized wall papers, wood blinds, window blinds, roller blinds, modular acoustic ceiling, luxuries venial floors and stain proof carpets.

What We Do

Floor Covering

We perform all types of flooring and floor covering. Wooden, Pergo, Flotex, Venial flooring are some of our specialties. Customized Flooring module also includes HD Image printing on floor along with different venial shapes, sizes and logo cutting work.

Wall Covering

Imported wallpapers and wallpaper manufacturing using different materials, fabrics, colors, and prints. We strive to deliver the best quality. Customized Wall covering also includes stain resistant, HD Image printed wallpapers.

Window Covering

Tech integrated window coverings and blinds for home and industrial requirements. Our tech systems are designed with the ability to be seamlessly integrated with your home automation systems. Customizable Dustproof, water resistant, switch, remote operated, and fully automatic as well as HD Image window coverings.

Modular Ceilings

Specialized Modular Ceilings integrated with super high-tech systems. A varied range of materials to choose from for houses, offices and industries. Customization with different materials, HD Images and tech savvy offerings.

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